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Name: Invisible.

Age: Older than she wishes she was.

Gender: Female.

Appearance: Skinny, far too skinny, like those tiny branches hanging off longer ones, that you just can’t resist reaching up to and plucking off the tree. Eyes like a graveyard, pink yellow blush on her cheeks, crooked nose. Hair like coconut fiber, dark brown and rough.

Strengths: Getting close enough to death without actually being there. Eating four pieces of lettuce for dinner every night. Forgetting to shower every morning.

Weaknesses: Her job as a waitress, with too many annoying inquisitive people, wondering about the wedding ring on her finger. Summoning enough energy to pick herself up after a fall. Making friends who don’t want to dance and drink until the early morning hours every Saturday.


Name: Disappeared.

Age: Younger than he wishes he was.

Gender: Male.

Appearance: Tall, gangly, long legs, like a spider crawling across a mattress. Eyes like a storm, crackling lightning and booming thunder, yearning to leave. Eternally bruised cheekbones and hair like he’s about to dress in all camouflage and take a plane to Afghanistan the next day.

Strengths: Stretching his longs legs out in the backseat of his (dead) grandfather’s car where he sleeps, especially when it gets too hard in the house. Suffering through knives in the form of words and punches in the form of baseball bats.

Weaknesses: Making his parents happy. Making his sisters happy. Making his brother, best friend, his cousin: happy. Leaving, even though every fragment of bone in him is screaming at him to run away.


Name: Stressed.

Age: Seventeen years young.

Gender: Female.

Appearance: Purple dark circles under her eyes, fingernails like cracked jagged stones on a reef, striped shirts and polka-dotted shorts, frizzy hair, rarely brushed, dull clips pinned behind her ears.

Strengths: Overeating, oversleeping, over studying, overwhelming. Disappointing, disagreeing, disobeying. Replaying, rewinding, reevaluating.

Weaknesses: Homework.


Name: Unknown.

Age: Ambiguous.

Gender: Inconclusive.

Appearance: The dark red curtains brushing against the window of the abandoned house at the end of the cul de sac, the oil spill choking that poor little sea creature you’d seen on the news two mornings ago, the eerie whirring of the washing machine at an ungodly hour of day.

Strengths: Hiding behind the mystery and the magic. Refusing to show that heart shaped face to the world.

Weaknesses: Nothing at all.

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